Football Balls

Improve your skills with a selection from the adidas football balls collection. Made with synthetic materials our accessories profile thermally-bonded seamless and machine stitched kit to improve your game on any surface, at any level.
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adidas football balls with official UCL certification for championship play

Have ball, will play. Regardless of your age or skill level the adidas football balls collection provides the ideal accessories for you to prove your command of the game. Officially-certified Champions League kit sport durable butyl bladders that can withstand punishment and thermally-bonded seamless covers for dynamic control, passing and striking at the highest level of play. Machine stitched football balls with rubber bladders are heavier in weight, but ideal for youngsters needing to master the basics and develop leg strength. The synthetic covers display a variety of visually stunning colour schemes to whet your appetite for the game any season of the year.

Size matters when it comes to football balls

Knowing the correct grade is essential to extract the maximum benefits and advantages from adidas football balls. The Filter & Sort dropdown menu has a size category where Size 1 mini balls are perfect for recreational fun at any age while Size 2 ‘Midi’ targets kids ages 3-6 to help them with basic skills and techniques. The Size 4 category is aimed at juniors ages 9-14 who display promise on the training grounds and are looking to elevate to the next level. Finally, Size 5 football balls offer identical characteristics to those used in the professional game.

Speciality balls for football light-up your off-season training

The end of the season doesn’t have to spell an interruption to your training regimen. Our collection of balls for football includes speciality versions featuring HI-Vis colours and large 5-point stars to light-up your practise sessions during the autumn and winter seasons when daylight hours are few. Some balls reps some of the game’s best clubs and national squads while others are tailor-made for playing futsal.

Football Balls Frequently Asked Questions

Leather balls were used widely until the late 1980s, when they were predominantly replaced by balls made of synthetic materials with similar qualities.
It is not clear who invented the very first football ball. The game has roots dating as far back as 4 millennia, with football-like ball games being played in ancient China, Greece and Rome. A football ball itself was mentioned for the first time in an English medieval book dating back to 1486.
The regulation size for a football ball is 22 cm in diameter, with a circumference of 68-70 cm. This is known as a size 5 ball, but smaller balls are available for children and for recreational purposes.