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Shoes for golf

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Get swinging with shoes designed by experts.

Our golfing shoes spend between a year and a half to five years in the design, research and development phases. We carefully consider every factor, from durability to weight. All of our materials are thoughtfully selected to provide the best grip and comfort and minimise environmental impact. We have promised to increase the number of recycled materials used to make each shoe and source sustainable materials.

Swing harder, better, and faster

Shoes cushion your feet as you walk on the course so that you can focus on your game. Our outsoles are designed to help your grip, so you can get the purchase you need on your follow-through and maximise the power of your swing. Materials such as nylons and synthetic leather make our golf shoes as light as possible so that you can maintain peak performance. Beyond that, we use state-of-the-art rubber soles on most of our golf shoes so that your arch is supported and you can comfortably stay on your feet the whole day long.

Get the most out of your shoes for golf

If you want to get the best value out of your golfing shoes then you should do your best to take care of them. Get into the habit of cleaning your golf shoes after every day on the green. If you want to go the extra mile, then polish and wash your shoes by hand. Improve their longevity even further by alternating between pairs each time you go golfing. Match your shoes with different golfing outfits to feel fresh and stylish every time.

Shoes for golf Frequently Asked Questions

Trainers for golf are specially designed spiked and spikeless shoes to be worn on the golf course. They provide increased stability, balance and traction, enabling you to deliver more power and accuracy in your swing.
Most people opt for white golf shoes as this is more traditional, and the colour matches most of the clothing styles that you might wear on the course. They also allow you to stay cooler on hot days. Black is also quite popular and other colours are increasingly seen as fashionable.
Golf shoes are suitable for walking and comfortable for everyday use, provided that they’re spikeless.