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World Cup balls

Al Rihla Club Football
Al Rihla Club Football
Al Rihla Club Football
Al Rihla Training Hologram Foil Football
Al Rihla Pro Sala Football
Al Rihla Pro Winter Football
Al Rihla Pro Beach Football
Al Rihla Club Football
Al Rihla League Junior 350 Football
Al Rihla Training Sala Football

Get ready for kick-off

Every footballing journey starts with a ball, and for any player or fan the World Cup is the ultimate destination. But the tournament is also a journey in itself, and the next edition in Qatar promises to be one like no other. For the first winter World Cup and the first in the Middle East, adidas has created a special ball to symbolise that journey. Al Rihla means The Journey, with the ball’s colourful design representing both Qatar's heritage and football's potential to drive change.

The next step in World Cup football

The official Al Rihla Qatar 2022 ball features the latest footballing technology, with a speedshell panel design and strategic grooves to deliver high performance and precision. Its smooth white pearlescent base contrasts with eye-catching blue, red, and yellow accents, so it’ll turn heads whether rolling across the local park or soaring through the air at the World Cup.

World Cup balls for players of all types

Start your own journey with an adidas World Cup football. Whether you’re aiming to reach the finals yourself or just fancy a kickabout with friends, playing with an official World Cup ball is a truly unique experience. As well as the match ball used at the tournament itself, you’ll also find colourful and robust FIFA club balls, training balls with special hologrammatic foil coverings, mini footballs for kids, and more.

Made by adidas, designed for football

All adidas FIFA World Cup™ balls are made from performance-optimised materials offering the highest levels of speed and accuracy, whether in the air or on the ground. Internal rubber bladders are covered by strong outer materials such as imitation leather, polyurethane, and polyester, while a thermally-bonded seamless construction ensures your World Cup ball will last long enough to go down in history.