Football Jerseys

Colourful splendour and championship pedigree highlight the adidas football jerseys collection. Blends of cotton and polyester wear comfortably soft for your performance drive on the field, with stylish variety for any leisure wear activity.
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adidas football jerseys: dynamic designs to power your athleisure performance

Whether you’re a promising player or dedicated fan it’s hard to put a step wrong wearing adidas football jerseys. Short and long sleeved versions made with refined cotton and polyester materials offer all-game and all-day wearability. Your comfort level is further enhanced by performance tech like our HEAT.RDY and AEROREADY systems that absorb sweat to keep you invigorated and confidant over the long haul. Our football shirts preview a dynamic range of designs including graphic, striped, geometric and colour block varieties, featuring our famous brand logos as well as apparel bearing the colours and insignia of selected championship clubs.

Get excited to tackle any activity wearing adidas football shirts

Compete. Work. Study. Relax. Whichever activity best describes your day, adidas football shirts will get you excited for the task ahead. Short and long sleeves in crew or V-neck are ideal for training and competition while suave polo shirts offer relaxed style for daily office wear. Our collection offers exciting apparel fit for the classroom or studying at home and offer proven flexibility for any form of recreation: from playing hoops on the court to hanging with family, friends or co-workers at the local park. Of course, there’s no better time for adidas football jerseys than on matchday, so select your favourite team shirt and enjoy the game.

Our jerseys for football collection includes gender-neutral options

The inventory of adidas jerseys for football includes apparel for men, women and kids as well as gender-neutral or unisex versions to include as many players and fans as possible. Click the “Filter & Sort” menu upper right of the page to locate our size chart for your best fit. To keep your purchases in excellent condition over time refer to the inside tag and follow the directions before each wash.

Football Jerseys Frequently Asked Questions

One clue that a football jersey might be a counterfeit is a price that’s too good to be true. Check the info on the website matches what you expect, and if you want to be sure then shop on the official adidas website.
A replica shirt is made for fans, and an authentic jersey is the same that the players wear on the pitch. Replica jerseys have a more relaxed fit so they’re comfortable for everyday wear. Authentic jerseys typically have a closer, more lightweight fit.
While a football shirt may seem expensive initially, if it’s well-made it will last multiple seasons, making the cost per wear less. High-grade materials contribute to the final cost.