Children’s Football Boots

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See your child look and play the part with adidas children’s football boots

Check out the latest in modern football technology with adidas children’s football boots, featuring a range of diverse designs that help improve balance, turn of speed, ball control as well as having a lightweight material that is comfortable to wear. Budding footballers of all ages can develop their game with the help of adidas football boots for children, helping to build confidence and making them look the part on the pitch. The cushioned heel provides a perfect springboard for sprints and agile play, while the A Zone skin can improve the striking of the ball, allowing their play to be more assured.

adidas football boots for children: No limit to class, style, and precision

When you’re watching your kid play, you’ll be as enthusiastic as them when it comes to improving their game. With adidas football boots for children there are many styles, designs, colours and patterns that are perfect for both girls and boys, and they’ll love to play in our specially designed adidas children’s football boots for all surfaces such as soft, firm, hard, astro turf, as well as indoor surfaces. All models provide the perfect balance of class, style and precision giving your child confidence to enjoy their game.

Caring for your child’s football boots is essential

It’s essential to maintain the condition of your son or daughter’s adidas football boots, as after each practice session or match they’ll need some close attention to ensure they last longer. So, make sure to get rid of excess mud by knocking the boots together and use a mix of warm water and mild detergent to scrub away stubborn mud stains using an old toothbrush. Rinse away the remaining dirt, and wipe clean with a wet washcloth and leave them to dry at room temperature. To wash the laces and inner soles, put them on a cold wash cycle in the washing machine.

Children’s Football Boots Frequently Asked Questions

Kids can play football with metal studs, but some schools and clubs may not allow them so be sure to check. Metal studs are also unsuitable for some playing surfaces, such as AstroTurf and 3G turf.
When choosing a pair of kids’ football boots, you should ensure that you get the correct size, and make sure that the boots are suited to the playing surface they’ll be using. Firm ground boots are suitable for standard grass pitches, artificial ground studs for AstroTurf and other artificial surfaces, and soft ground boots are good for muddy pitches.
Though girls can wear boys’ football shoes, girls’ football shoes have a shape that is better designed for their feet in terms of shape and pressure loads.