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Children’s Football Boots

Watch as your kid relishes playing at full tilt with confidence and guile with adidas children’s football boots. Out on the pitch, they’ll feel ready to take on the world just like their favourite player.
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Kids’ football boots: give them the boots they need to be their best

Many children love playing football as much as they enjoy watching it. If your child is currently discovering a love of the game, or they’re many years into their passion for football, nurturing that can provide them with a rewarding and healthy hobby that will help give them confidence in other areas of their life. And a sturdy well-fitting pair of kids’ football shoes will help them build and maintain their confidence on the pitch, as well as helping their feet to grow and develop healthily.

Football shoes for kids of all ages

Whether they’re new to the game or they’ve been playing a while, here you’ll find a wide range of junior football shoes to suit, in a full spectrum of sizes. Choose from iconic ranges of football boots for boys and girls, including Predator,F50, Copa and Classics. Just like their adult counterparts, they’re designed to give extra power and control to your child’s game, while also being comfortable and looking slick.

Once you’ve chosen a pair of children’s football boots, make sure you get the correct size. Football boot sizes are generally the same as shoe size, so if they take a size 4 shoe, a size 4 kids’ football boot is likely to provide the best fit. However, it’s also worth bearing in mind that football socks are quite thick, so if they’re on the edge of the next size, it may be worth going half a size up, keeping in mind potential growth spurts. As football requires a lot of running and turning with the ball, it’s also important that there’s plenty of room for their toes. Be sure to match up the boot with the surface they’re playing on, for example, soft ground, firm ground, artificial, AstroTurf or indoor court. To ensure effectiveness, kids’ football boots should be cleaned regularly.

Sports technology to help them win

With adidas junior football boots, they’ll benefit from the same advanced sporting technologies as those worn by their heroes on the pitch. adidas has many decades of experience in providing football boots for kids and professionals alike, so you can be sure that their feet are in good hands. For instance, Zone Skin rubber control zones give their touches greater precision, laceless constructions keep it simple on match day, lightweight mesh uppers enhance manoeuvrability, while recycled materials like Primegreen help them do their bit for the environment from an early age.

adidas has a long history of creating stylish football boots for kids and adults that help players to excel on the pitch. Names like Predator and Nemeziz are instantly recognised on pitches throughout the world, and adidas kids’ football shoes will help give them confidence in themselves and their game.

Children’s Football Boots Frequently Asked Questions

Kids can play football with metal studs, but some schools and clubs may not allow them so be sure to check. Metal studs are also unsuitable for some playing surfaces, such as AstroTurf and 3G turf.
When choosing a pair of kids’ football boots, you should ensure that you get the correct size, and make sure that the boots are suited to the playing surface they’ll be using. Firm ground boots are suitable for standard grass pitches, artificial ground studs for AstroTurf and other artificial surfaces, and soft ground boots are good for muddy pitches.
Though girls can wear boys’ football shoes, girls’ football shoes have a shape that is better designed for their feet in terms of shape and pressure loads.