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Swimming Black Dressing GownSwimming Black Dressing Gown
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Find your ideal swimming partner

If you're a regular swimmer, whether for competitive sport or leisure, the right gear is essential for getting the most out of your time in the pool. adidas have an extensive range of high-quality, sports-style swimwear, bikinis, and accessories for people of all ages and abilities.

Move through the water in style

The adidas collection has something for everyone. Trunks and swim shorts for men come in a variety of styles to suit your own personal tastes, while the adidas women's range has a whole host of bikinis, tankinis, and more. Our range also includes an extensive selection of swimming gear for kids, so that they can enjoy splashing around at the pool or at the beach as much as you do.

Equip yourself for swimming excellence

adidas have a long pedigree of creating fast, high-quality, and comfortable clothing for everyone from Olympic athletes and champions to amateur enthusiasts and weekend paddlers. Years of research have enabled us to select the best materials for both your time in the water as well as the environment and to design swimwear that allows you to cut through the water with ease whilst looking and feeling great. Whether you're into freestyle in the pool, open water challenges or even braving the trials of cold water events, you'll find everything you need in the adidas collection. As well as detailing like the eternal 3-stripes and Trefoil designs, here you'll find other essential gear such as goggles, caps, and pool slides.