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From golf gloves to shoes and jackets, our golf equipment outlet has some of our favourite quality items for available for a steal. Find your next golfing must-have and refresh your look on the green.
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Golf Equipment Caring for the Planet

Find adidas favourites at a lower price. From hats to shoes, we have committed to using more environmentally sustainable plastics in our polyester and nylon fabrics. This means that when you get your golf bags on sale, you’ll be helping us create a more environmentally friendly sportswear industry without compromising on the quality you know us for. Pick up your next environmentally friendly bargain and tee-off in your new golf wear at your next game.

The Best Golf Equipment To Boost Your Game To The Next Level

Our golf equipment has been specifically designed to help you give your best performance. From our golf gloves designed to give you more grip to our shoes that help you maintain balance and translate power into your shots. Every aspect of our golf range has been made to boost our customers' performance. However, we also focus on keeping our customers comfortable, as we spend time researching which fibres feel best on the skin while maintaining breathability and durability. So you can play your best while you feel your best with adidas golf equipment.

Keep Your Golf Equipment In Great Condition

When it comes to sportswear, make sure you’re washing your clothes in cold water. The warmer settings can warp the microfibres in your clothes and cause them to stretch or deteriorate faster. Also, make sure you don’t overload your washer as this can cause friction which can damage your clothes. Wash your golf shoes and golf equipment as soon as you can, as leaving it dirty can sometimes speed up wear and tear.