Football kits

Pursue your quest for glory and your excitement for adventure in our football kits. As separates or ensembles, our jerseys, shorts and socks feature dynamic variety, colour and comfort, to inspire your every performance.

adidas football kits: actively engage in performance, style and comfort

The adidas football kits collection provides you with the advantages of style, comfort and performance, to actively engage in any athletic or recreational pursuit. Elastic shorts and both long- and short-sleeved jerseys are constructed with pure cotton or blends of refined polyester, providing optimal levels of comfort. Our socks feature special compression zones for stable ankle and arch support. Our innovative fabrics offer a robust defence against sweat, to keep you super-charged and super-confidant. The shirts, sports shorts and socks in our football apparel collection can be worn as elite separates or together as dynamic ensembles.

Durable football apparel for global players and fans

Due to the universal appeal of the beautiful game, we have compiled a selection of football apparel that would make most players and fans proud. You’ll find authentic replicas featuring the home/away kit repping many of Europe’s best clubs, but we’ve also included selections from the US and South America, as well as a few national teams. Now you can support European leagues in person and don the colours of your favourite international team when games stream live on the telly. adidas football kits are built to be durable and versatile, so you can stay in shape on the basketball court, golf course or at the yoga studio when football season is over.

adidas kits for football: amazing designs with sophisticated appeal

Our kits for football display an amazing range of designs, like graphics, logos, stripes, camo and geometric patterns, all adding levels of sophisticated appeal to your athleisure wear. You can find regular fit apparel for men, women and kids, with gender-neutral (unisex) options; you can check our chart to see if your favourites are available in your size. Some items with embroidered logos require special care, so always follow the tag instructions prior to each wash. 

Football kits Frequently Asked Questions

Most professional teams have three football kits – home, away and a third kit. The first two are designed for playing matches at the team’s home ground and away at another team’s stadium respectively. The third provides another option if both home and away kits are too similar to the opposing sides kit.
Yes, a replica kit is simply a version of the official team kit made specifically for fans. It closely resembles the players’ kit but has a looser fit that’s built for comfort.
If a football kit is being sold at a ridiculously low price, it may well be counterfeit. Incorrect stitching, poor materials and design errors are also strong signs of a fake kit.