Golf Shoes for Women


Our ladies golf shoes are made to get the best traction and grip possible while supporting the foot and maintaining style and elegance so that you can go from the boardroom to the green in a flash.

Golf White Stan Smith Primegreen Limited-Edition Spikeless Golf ShoesGolf White Stan Smith Primegreen Limited-Edition Spikeless Golf Shoes

Stan Smith Primegreen Limited-Edition Spikeless Golf Shoes


Golf White ZG21 BOA Golf ShoesGolf White ZG21 BOA Golf Shoes

ZG21 BOA Golf Shoes


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Get the best with the latest in science

We have put thousands of hours and millions of Euros into research and development. We scanned over a thousand feet to understand how to make the perfect shoe to provide total foot support. Our synthetic polyesters are selected from renewable sources, making them far more environmentally friendly. We have even researched the best cleats and spikes to give you more traction and grip, allowing you to transfer more power to the ball when you drive. The better grip also gives you greater precision and accuracy.

Maintain your best game and feel comfortable and secure

Our ladies golf shoes are designed to help you in all aspects of golf, from our cleats and spikes, which help you maintain grip, to our soles designed to support your arch. Additionally, our breathable polyesters and leathers maintain comfort and provide waterproof protection for your feet. Have what you need to drive as hard as you want and feel comfortable and confident in your adidas women’s golf shoes.

Protect your shoes and help them help you

It's incredibly important to clean your women’s golf shoes once you are finished with a round. The dirt and bacteria can eat away at your shoes, and the longer you leave them dirty, the more damage they can do. Make sure you wipe over your golf shoes after each game with a shoe cleaner to keep them looking like new. The adidas foam cleaner and wipes are specially designed to clean synthetic and leather sports shoes. For a deeper clean, wash them gently in warm water with a mild soap.