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predator football boots

Launch Football Predator 2024 Fall Winter image
The adidas Predator has one aim. Score. Here to enable net-busting power, pure control and spot-on accuracy. Goals never came so easy.
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Dare to dominate with adidas Predator football boots helping you dictate every play. Master control with the ultimate in football and sporting technology, letting you live and breathe every moment on the pitch. Classic 90s football boots have been reborn for the modern game with groundbreaking leather ridges, which increase stability and ball control for pro and amateur footballers alike. Master control and dominate the pitch with iconic Predator football boots. Boss the game, deliver masterful ball control, and be the apex Predator in your game.

Finding Your Inner Predator

Become the apex Predator with football’s most iconic boots. Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes with graphic, eye-catching designs in a dominating football style. A complete range of full and half sizes from 1 to 13 means you can get a lock down fit and master tight ball control every game.

Perfect Pitch

Experience precise control for every playing surface with Predator football boots tailored to your game. Engineered studs and grips help you play hard on any pitch, including specially designed firm ground, artificial grass, indoor, soft ground and turf.

Ultimate Predator Technology

Be the hunter not the prey with football tech designed to push you to dominate the field.

Control the ball in all conditions with Controlskin uppers keeping the ball glued to your feet. Lockdown your fit for responsive foot work and balanced ball control with pure cut laceless designs creating a seamless playing surface. Move with instinct and speed with structured Primemesh uppers providing a comfortable, sock-like fit. Dominate any playing surface with TPU injected layers stabilising you through quick movements.

Kill every ball, dictate every play, and dominate the field with Predator football boots offering limitless control.