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Men's Trainers



Men’s adidas trainers are there when you need them most. From hitting your stride out on the track in running trainers, to relaxing after a hard day’s work – comfort, performance, energy, and power are everything you can expect from adidas. Not just shoes, experiences. Added game to help your performance in any sport or social setting.

How to Choose Men’s Trainers

1. Choose your size: with sizes from 3.5 to 19, find the most comfortable size for you. Half size increments give you a precision perfect fit every time.

2. Choose your Colour: blue for cool, yellow for energy, red for power – feel your colour and live your style with our modern and classic colour ranges.

3. Choose your sport: correct shoes, better game. Tailored technology, better play. Sports trainers tailored to your game. Casual trainers tailored to your life.

4. Choose Custom: customise your shoes to match your style. Pick all the detail from fabrics and materials, to colours and patterns. Match your energy to your shoes and redefine yourself with a unique look.

5. Personalise: words have power – add words, letters, or your number to your shoes and say something unique. Express yourself.

Embrace new technology

Our trainers feature technology specific to each use. Casual trainers provide exceptional comfort and support with soft leather or fabric supports, reinforced toe caps, and OrthoLite® sock liners to keep you comfortable. Tailored sports shoes give you the support, stability, control, and power you need at all times for each game. Boost ™ technology that returns energy as you apply pressure. Contour grips to match the range of motion for each sport. Support where and when you need it. adidas helps you make waves.

Men's Trainers Frequently Asked Questions

adidas shoes follow standard sizing. If you need to measure your feet: 1-Step on a piece of paper with your heel slightly touching a wall behind 2-Mark the end of your longest toe on the paper (if necessary, ask someone to help) 3-Measure from the wall to the mark 4-Do the same for the other foot and compare measurements with the adidas size chart to find your size
adidas does not distinguish between women's shoe sizes and men's shoe sizes for the United Kingdom. For US sizing, it follows the general convention that US women's sizes start at Size 0, while men's sizes start at Size 1. This makes adidas US women's sizes one shoe size larger than the corresponding men's shoe for the same foot length.