Be a lifting legend with weightlifting shoes

These weightlifting shoes show off a streamlined silhouette for perfect comfort while you are guaranteed supreme flexibility for the toes from the woven textile upper. You will get maximum stability from the combination of laces and straps and have evenly distributed weight on the midfoot from the raised heel feature. No need to worry about slipping under pressure, with the grippy rubber outsole.

Be your best and dress the part

When lifting heavy weights, you need comfort and support. adidas powerlift suits tick both those boxes. The sweat-wicking fabrics are specifically chosen for their high quality and are lightweight and stretchy, allowing for perfect movement. Their design ensures compression of the muscles in the body while keeping your hips in alignment, allowing you to focus on technique. Your skin will be able to breathe well, keeping you dry when under pressure, in training or on competition day.

The best gear needs the best care

Correct treatment for your powerlifting suit results in longevity. No need for bleaching them, and they are cold-wash machine compatible. If you need to touch them up, you can use a cold-press iron or tumble dry at low heat. The range of weight training shoes can be placed in a washing machine, but remember to remove the laces first. Complete your look and help guarantee safety for your body with adidas men's powerlifting socks. Your feet are your strength when powerlifting, and these socks add that extra support for performance and peace of mind, with their blister-resisting fabric and ribbed arches, guaranteeing you a solid stance for that final lift. The best way to look after these socks is by washing them in a warm machine wash; be sure not to bleach, tumble dry or iron them.