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Every woman’s body is different, workout intensity varies between sports and challenges change over time. Whatever your physique and whatever your workout, adidas sports bras have all the support you need - from high impact sports bras and running sports bras for total control, to medium and low impact sports bras designed to give just the right hold.

Achieve your goals in style and comfort with adidas sports bras

The range includes:

Finding the Best Sports Bra

Support where you need it, when you need it most. Finding the best sports bra for you is a matter of matching your bra size to the intensity of your workout, to determine the level of support you need. Generally the larger the bust the more support is required, even for low impact activities. So it’s important to know your adidas bra size. We can help you work this out with the adidas bra finder. Then select a bra that fits the intensity of your sport. Designed for high to low impact, the adidas sports bras range includes compression sports bras, encapsulation sports bras, crisscross sports bras and tank top sports bras.

*Over 90% of women have been reported to be wearing the wrong size sports bra" Coltman CE, Steele JR, McGhee DE (2018) 'Which Bra Components Contribute to Incorrect Bra Fit in Women Across a Range of Breast Sizes? Clothing and Textiles Research Journal'.

Sports Bras Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the right sports bra offers good support for large cup sizes (E+). If you wear a large cup size, a high-impact bra can be great for HIIT, boxing and other high-intensity workouts, but also for low-impact activities like yoga or walking. Bras made specifically for running offer higher support for all cup sizes. (They’re designed to handle the repetitive vertical and lateral movement created by running.) High-support bras made for workouts include the adidas TLRD Impact Luxe and Fast Impact Luxe.
A sports bra that’s correctly fitted is generally ok to wear all day, as long as it’s comfortable. However, you may want to change out of a bra after exercising to avoid skin irritation from dried sweat. A high-impact sports bra may become uncomfortable after long periods of time. If it’s too tight, it can chafe or irritate your skin. If it’s too loose, you won’t receive adequate support throughout the day. Be sure that each breast fits comfortably inside the bra and that the straps aren’t digging in.
The most comfortable sports bra is one that is sized correctly and offers the right amount of support for your workout. Many women who find sports bras uncomfortable are actually wearing the wrong size. That’s not just an inconvenience; many women say a bad bra experience puts them off exercise. Or they resort to hacks like wearing two bras to get the support they want. adidas makes dozens of bras to provide the right support for every move, from running, sports and HIIT to lifting, yoga and barre.