Golf clothes for women

Women’s golf clothing is comfortable, flexible, and durable. The adidas golf clothing range is made to the highest standards while using environmentally sustainable materials. Designed with movement in mind so you can feel confident on the green.
Golf Grey Garment Duffle BagGolf Grey Garment Duffle Bag
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Be comfortable on the green while caring for the planet

adidas golf clothes for women who work hard on the course. When you're dedicated to your game, your clothes need to give you enough room to swing while being breathable and durable enough to feel fresh all day. Our unique polyester blends are often sourced from recycled materials. Meanwhile, we reduce our environmental impact in the production process through environmentally sustainable practices while maintaining the high quality that adidas is known for.

Maximise your time and your look

When it comes to golf clothing for women, we pay close attention to style. Feel comfortable and confident both on and off the green with sporty and casual styles you'll look great in, not only while you play but also before you hit the course. You'll also be able to keep cool during warm days on the greens and keep warm when it is cold. It's important to regulate your core body temperature when you're out on the golf course to stay focused on your game and avoid heatstroke on sunny days or injuries in chilly or windy weather.

Maintain your gear to be on your best game

To get the best out of your women’s golf clothes, wash them in cold water after your game. Make sure your loads are not too full, as other clothes might create friction and damage your golf wear. Your golf clothes will last longer if you air dry them and avoid tumble drying. Make sure you clean your golf shoes immediately after each round of golf.