Boys’ football boots

Your boy can feel like a professional player and dare to dream, with our boys’ football boots. Let them become their icon on the pitch, breeding confidence and improving their skills every day.
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Dazzle teammates and opponents, with our boys’ football boots

The modern technology of adidas boys’ football boots is unrivalled; our range features many styles and designs that help with speed, traction, ball control, shooting and passing. Your boy can feel confident from his first touch with the soft leather finish, while the lightweight material helps with sprinting and speed on the turn. There’s added cushioning on the heel for that extra spring he needs, and a zoned upper can boost his striking of the ball. Our football boots for boys have everything he needs to succeed.

Football boots for boys: a diverse range

Your lad will be able to improve his game with every practice session and match, with the help of adidas football boots for boys. Whatever style and design he prefers, we’ve got the answer, with different styles for outdoor grass pitches, artificial turf surfaces as well as indoor football pitches. Each surface, including firm and soft ground, has a style of boot available that will help provide support and responsive play. The adidas boys’ football boots ensure he can play the game the way he wants.

Take care of your boy’s football boots; they’ll last longer

Keep your boy’s football boots in good shape, so they can last longer and continue to help develop his game. Firstly, get rid of any dried mud from the outer sole by hitting the boots against a hard surface or each other. Then, mix warm water and a mild detergent, lightly rinsing and using an old toothbrush to scrub away any stubborn mud stains. Use a damp cloth to wipe them clean of remaining dirt and excess soap, then leave them to dry at room temperature. Finally, the inner soles and laces can be added to a cold wash cycle in the washing machine, inside a pillowcase. 

Boys’ football boots Frequently Asked Questions

No. Modern boots are generally the same size as regular shoes. So if they’re a size 7 shoe, buy them a size 7 boot.
There is no one right answer, so the best strategy is to match your boy’s football boots to the surface he plays on and his style preferences.
Yes, all football boots will tend to widen and stretch a little over time as they are worn. This will not be a huge amount though.