Turf Football Shoes

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Power and speed with our turf football shoes

To play at your best on turf surfaces, you need the right kind of shoes. Our turf football shoes have a carefully designed lugged outsole to give you the best grip and speed on artificial turf surfaces. EVA cushioning in the midsole provides extra comfort and support so you can play and train for longer periods of time.

Find your fit with our football boots for turf surfaces

Once you've got the right outsoles for your playing surface, you can choose between turf football shoes that emphasise your preferred features and feel. You'll find laced football boots for turf surfaces that let you find that precise fit that you can adjust on the the fly. On the other hand, laceless options have a stretchy collar that you can easily slide on and off and a sock-like fit on the inner helps you feel locked in and supported while you play.

Give it your all out on the pitch

Our turf football shoes are made from durable materials that are flexible and sturdy so that you can use them over and over again. To maintain their look and feel for as long as possible clean them with care so you can keep their finish looking fresh. Dirt on the uppers can be removed gently with a soft brush. An old toothbrush is an easy household option. If the uppers get stained, instead of soaking or washing the shoes, simply spot clean them with a soft cloth and some mild detergent. Rinse with plain water to maintain the colour of the uppers and leave to dry completely before storing. 

Turf Football Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Conventional football boots should never be worn on AstroTurf or other artificial pitches, as they may damage the surface and won't offer enough grip.
Specialist AstroTurf boots like those offered by adidas should be worn on AstroTurf pitches. This is essential, and boots made for other artificial surfaces may not be suitable.
AstroTurf boots have tread patterns that are specially designed for the artificial surface so they give you the stability and manoeuvrability you need on the pitch.