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Football Blade Boots

With its special moulded studs, the Firm Ground boot performs well on dry and firm, short grass surfaces, but can handle some moisture too. It's perfect for outdoor conditions during spring and summer.
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adidas football blade shoes: experience the advantage of advanced technology

When the competition is as stiff as the field is firm you need every advantage to win the day. Football blade boots with stretchy Fluroskin uppers with Carbitex carbon-fibre plates and Agilitycage TPU frames offer stability, comfort and responsiveness playing any position. Others with Zone Skin uppers preview unique ribbed sections for enhanced ball control and more powerful strikes. Outsoles featuring sprint spike placement generate world-class traction for lightning propulsion and instantaneous changes of direction. When you desire a distinctive advantage to overpower opponents on firm ground surfaces, our dynamic collection of adidas football blade shoes is all you need.

Reasons why you should choose adidas football blade shoes

Why choose adidas football blade shoes? Advances in stud technology provides you with many options including moulded studs and spikes, but neither of these offers the degree of grip and traction needed to master firm ground play. Plus, the shape of our blades mimics your foot’s natural contours resulting in a more even displacement of weight. Our collection includes stylish classic and laceless versions in low and mid-cut options. With enhanced degrees of balance and comfort, our football blade boots will ignite your confidence for dramatic on-field performances with each wear.

adidas blade boots for football: get stimulated for performance

If you’re excited to play just browsing the adidas blade boots for football perhaps their range of energetic colours is partly to blame. It’s no secret that bright colours stimulate the brain’s ‘feel good’ sensors which improves mood, attention and activity. Marry your heightened inspiration or motivation with the advanced performance technology inherent in our footwear and set out to dominate the field of play.

Football Blade Boots Frequently Asked Questions

It is the most popular kind of boot, and is designed for use on a natural grass football pitch that is neither hard nor wet.
While you technically can, it’s highly advised not to. The studs on FG boots are designed specifically for natural grass pitches, whereas they can get caught in the surface of Astroturf and other forms of artificial grass, potentially leading to injury.
The better boot is always the one that is suited to the surface you’re playing on. Football shoes for firm ground are however more common and are designed for the surfaces you’re most likely to encounter, while soft ground football boots are ideal for particularly wet and muddy pitches.