Women’s rugby boots

Play to your strengths with adidas women’s rugby boots. The lightweight finish and cushioned comfort ensure that you can give everything to the cause and use every ounce of energy on the field.

Leave opponents in your wake with adidas women’s rugby boots

Having the best rugby gear at your disposal will ensure that you have the best chance of overcoming your opponents’ challenges and optimising your performance levels. With adidas women's rugby boots, you’ll be way ahead of the pack even before the first whistle is blown. For those speedy wingers and backs, the foam technology in the heel of the boot helps secure the heel in place, so you can boost your sidesteps and sprints, while the cleated synthetic outer sole helps you dig in and accelerate in lightning fashion.

Guile, finesse and acceleration with adidas women’s rugby footwear

When you want to look the part and execute every play with perfection, then look no further than adidas women’s rugby footwear. Be the first to the ball and the first to every challenge with our range of lightweight women's rugby boots. Enjoy the comfort of the cushioned fit, modern design and range of expansive colours that will make you stand out from the rest in style but also in performance.

Ensure your rugby boots can keep going the distance

When pushing yourself through every tackle, sprint and turnover, you’ll want to be safe in the knowledge your adidas rugby boots are doing their job time and again. It’s important to make sure your rugby gear is in the best possible shape to push you, so taking care of your boots is paramount. After every training session or match, wipe down your boots with a damp cloth to get rid of dirt. Apply mild soap with cold water and scrub away tough mud stains with an old toothbrush. To dry, stuff newspaper inside the boots to absorb any dampness and store at room temperature. 

Women’s rugby boots Frequently Asked Questions

Women tend to have narrower heels, which move around in men's boots. Women also tend to have higher arches, which again aren't catered for in male boots.
Firm ground boots are ideal for the drier times of the year, boots with shorter studs, a 6-stud outsole and/or combined with plastic moulded studs are beneficial for players
Men and women can wear each other's shoes so long as they fit. Using the women-to-men shoe size conversion will help you find shoes that should generally fit