Rugby sweatshirts

Our rugby sweatshirts are made from comfortable fleecy fabrics, to keep you warm on cold days when you don't want a heavy jacket. You can get them for adults and kids alike.

Our rugby sweatshirts are lightweight and warm

When the weather doesn't warrant a heavy outdoor jacket but it's still crisp enough for an outer layer, our rugby sweatshirts neatly fit the bill. Made from fleecy double-knit single-jersey materials, they provide great insulation from wind and cold, without making you feel stuffy. You can get them in a choice of colours, from traditional adidas monochromes to bright reds and blues. They have full-length zip-front fastenings for ease of use and sport the adidas Trefoil logo and 3-Stripes, so you can show off your good taste in rugby tops, too.

Watch the game or warm up in our rugby tops

Our rugby tops are created to be versatile. You can wear them to watch games from the stands on chilly days, and we offer team-branded supporters' rugby sweatshirts as well. You can also wear them as warm-up tops for rugby practice or to relax over a few lemonades afterwards. They're also ideal as general casual wear, becoming firm favourites alongside your hoodies. Their high collars provide ample neck coverage when you don't feel like pulling a hood over your head.

Getting the most out of your jumpers

These jumpers make a great match with other rugby clothing. They'll fit right in with the rest of your supporter gear or training kit. You can pair them with track pants for winter training or simply wear them to the gym and back. There's also no reason not to slip them on over an adidas T-shirt with a pair of jeans, for a sporty look that's cosy and warm. To look after them, simply use a mild detergent on a cool machine cycle and they'll be ready to wear as soon as they're dry.