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Rugby boots

Discover soft ground rugby boots with studded outsoles for maximum grip on a variety of surfaces. A supportive synthetic upper and snug textile lining offer a stable and secure fit.

Strike to win with adidas rugby boots

Select your sportswear to maximise your skills. This range of rugby boots features studded soft ground shoes, for deep traction on a variety of playing surfaces. Soft ground rugby boots with asymmetrical laces give you more forefoot surface area to strike the ball. Slightly raised textured skin on the front of the boot also increases ball control and allows you to kick with greater precision and accuracy. Meanwhile, the tough synthetic upper and snug, interior lining offers a secure fit and stabilising support as you play. Some styles also feature an inner strap to hold your foot in place, perfect for when you want to dig deep and make an impact for your team.

Storm your opponents, with soft ground rugby shoes

Find soft ground rugby shoes for spring-heeled forwards and ambitious backs in this adidas range. Studded outsoles offer an incredible grip that will help you hold your own in vicious scrums and give you power and agility as you sprint towards the try – ideal when you need to weave and dodge on wet grass to outstrip your opponent. Adjustable laces across styles allow you to find a secure, supportive fit. This collection of adidas soft ground rugby boots also includes junior soft ground shoes, for young players who want to up their game.

Add a pop of colour to your play

Dynamic play comes from a dynamic attitude. Bring some energy to your performance on the pitch with colourful and metallic-tone rugby shoes. You can also choose from monochrome styles with patterned insoles and bright laces that will make you stand out on the pitch. This collection showcases innovative uses of the adidas 3-Stripes design and the classic Trefoil insignia. 

Rugby boots Frequently Asked Questions

• Soft. Soft ground boots are ideal for the wetter times of the year when pitches are soft, wet or muddy. • Firm / Hard ground. Firm ground boots are ideal for the drier times of the year when pitches and the game can become quicker. • Artificial / Turf.
Rugby boots should fit as close to the end of the foot as possible, without touching the toes.
Football boots are permitted within the rules, provided the studs are legal.