Soft ground rugby boots

Play your best with adidas soft ground rugby boots, engineered for performance. 8-stud outsoles provide serious grip on varied surfaces, while the snug textile lining stabilises and supports your gait.

Raise the stakes with soft ground rugby boots

Step into your power on the pitch with soft ground rugby boots by adidas. With 8-studded soles and a robust synthetic upper, these rugby shoes provide serious grip where you need it most. The studded outsole sinks into a range of soft ground pitches, from muddy turf to wet grass, letting you hold your position in the scrum. Meanwhile, the supportive textile interior provides stabilising ankle support, for when you want to change direction or make sudden turns at high speed – perfect for dodging tackles and hurtling towards a try.

Rugby shoes for maximum control

Execute amazing cross-field, box and drop kicks with soft ground rugby boots, designed for precision and control. Choose rugby shoes with asymmetrical lace placement that give you a larger upper surface to kick with. Textured skin on the forefoot of some styles also helps increase traction between the ball and shoe, letting you aim kicks more accurately. The robust synthetic upper also helps shield your feet against impact, giving you the confidence to go in for the kill every time you strike. Adjustable laces allow you to find a snug, secure fit that will keep your feet comfortable and supported through fast-paced games and intense training sessions.

Sporty styles for serious impact

Channel hardcore, sporty style with these soft ground boots from adidas. Monochrome looks with bright laces offer a pop of colour for your training kit. Meanwhile, graphic styles and metallic tones give you a sharp, high-energy vibe. This collection also features kids and junior rugby boots in a range of fun, eye-catching designs. The adidas Trefoil insignia and 3-Stripes pattern are also creatively incorporated across the range.