Waterproof golf shoes

Golf White Stan Smith Primegreen Limited-Edition Spikeless Golf ShoesGolf White Stan Smith Primegreen Limited-Edition Spikeless Golf Shoes

Stan Smith Primegreen Limited-Edition Spikeless Golf Shoes


Golf White ZG21 BOA Golf ShoesGolf White ZG21 BOA Golf Shoes

ZG21 BOA Golf Shoes


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Play golf no matter the weather

Your golf game should depend on when you want to play, that’s why it's important to protect your feet with adidas waterproof golf shoes. Our polyester and nylon blends are designed to keep water out from both the top and the bottom of the shoe. Our shoes also have special grips to help you maintain balance on wet ground while also maintaining power in your swing. We also have special arches in our insoles to help cushion your foot properly, so you can transfer your weight correctly.

Cutting-edge science in your waterproof golf shoe

We have scans of thousands of feet to help us design our golf shoes. This means that we use the latest scientific knowledge to help develop our golf shoes and help you perform at your best. From our specific plastic blends, to help keep your feet dry from rain, to our cleats and spikes, designed to help you balance and apply the exact amount of force you want on the ball. Everything we make is designed to help you play golf the way you want to, when you want, and keep you comfortable while doing it.

Keep your waterproof golf shoes in their best condition

Once you finish a game of golf, make sure you wash your waterproof golf shoes. The sooner you wash them the better it is for the shoe. Just use a damp sponge and some mild soap with water and the shoe should be easy to keep clean. You could also buy an appropriate polish, to help maintain the shoe’s exterior.