Golf tops and windproof tops


Our golf tops keep the wind out and keep you warm while protecting your skin from sun damage; what’s even better than that is they look and feel great, too.

Cutting-edge design for a greener golf experience

We have poured many hours into researching how to make a great golf top for you. We have come up with a durable, yet comfortable, polyester cotton blend made from environmentally sustainable materials. We also use unique thread patterns that help you ventilate and keep cool while keeping cold wind out. We also make sure our polyester blends are soft on the skin, even after you sweat, so you can play all day without a reason to worry.

Feel comfortable to play at your best

Our focus with golf top development has been player comfort; this is why we have focused on providing windproofing with our golf tops. Being comfortable in what you wear will allow you to focus on what matters, playing golf. We also make sure our clothes are fashionable, so you can feel great about how you look while you play. Our clothes come in classic white as well as more modern colours like blue and red.

Treat your adidas golf tops well to get the most out of them

When it comes to cleaning your golf tops, you should make sure that you wash them as soon as possible, as the bacteria from your sweat can degrade the material. Use cold water when washing, as warm water will warp the material. Make sure you don’t overload your washing machine, as your golf top could get damaged, and also make sure you air dry, as tumble drying can lead to friction damage. If you get a spare golf top, it can really maximise the lifespan, if you wear them on alternating days.