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Our jerseys are designed to embody the spirit of your favourite team and game. Stunning high-quality jacquard designs, heat-applied details and gently curved hems come together in designs that capture the poetry and flow of football, rugby and basketball. AEROREADY technology keeps you comfortable and dry, mesh inserts keep the air flowing to stop you overheating, and stunning pinstriped graphics elevate your look whether you're playing or watching your team. With designs for all the great teams, and many sports jerseys created from 100% recycled materials, showing your support for your team in their official jersey is a great choice. Authentic jerseys enjoy exclusive adidas HEAT.RDY technology and shimmering metallic details that elegantly combine form and function. Whether you're playing on grass, astro or polished wood, our high-performance designs look and feel great.
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Jerseys Frequently Asked Questions

The adidas jersey range gets its name from the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. Renowned for knitting hard-wearing jumpers in medieval times, the name jersey is still used today for garments in any knitted-type fabric.
Americans use the term jerseys for a shirt that’s part of a kit for sports like hockey and American football – at adidas we sometimes use the term ‘jersey’ in this way too. The words ‘kit’ and ‘jersey’ are sometimes used interchangeably and can both indicate a top in a team’s colours and featuring its logo.
A soccer jersey is a shirt or top featuring a team’s colours and logo. The American ‘soccer’ means ‘football’ in the UK, so it is known as a football jersey in the UK. The adidas UK range has a huge range of football – or soccer – jerseys in different fits and styles for many different clubs. Choose yours to play or to show your support for your team.