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adidas Performance Clothing


Stay at the top of your game with performance clothing and sportswear

Style and comfort are essential when it comes to performance clothing and sportswear, which is why adidas’ specialised range focuses on bringing you the freshest tracksuits, t-shirts, hoodies and more incorporated with modern supportive technologies so you can get the most out of your training. Whether it’s for your weekly football training session, a jog around the park or a yoga class, you’re bound to find the sports gear you need right here.

A fit for all kinds of active lifestyles

The performance clothing and sportswear range caters towards a range of different sports, from football, basketball, tennis and weight training to boxing, swimming, yoga and golf. You’ll find incredibly light, breathable t-shirts made from stretchy fabric that manages moisture on a rep by rep basis for those hardcore sessions in the gym, leggings for both men and women to power through those Vinyasa flows whilst providing optimum comfort so you can focus on what matters, and loose fitted running shorts allowing you to really hit your stride along the open road. Finding the right sportswear matters to ensure that you reach the height of your performance, so look no further than adidas for the highest level of comfort and durability in all your sporting endeavours.

Tough it out all year round

Stay active throughout the year by stocking up on seasonal sports clothes. If you dread those frosty morning runs or winter walks to the gym, wrap yourself up in an adidas training hoodie and slip on a pair of classic 3-Stripes joggers to keep the cold out. Practical, sure, but it’s also a great look! For warmer times, free yourself up with fitted sports bras, branded vests and breezy shorts complete with ventilated technology to keep sweat under control in the summer sun. With this range of performance clothing and sportswear, there’ll be no stopping you, whatever the weather.