Baby and toddler shoes

Let the young ones crawl and stride in comfort with adidas babies' and toddlers' shoes. Straps ensure a hassle-free on and off process, while a sturdy sole provides steady support.
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Get the balance right with the latest range of baby and toddler shoes

adidas capture the spirit of youth with a wide range of babies' and toddlers' shoes. Based on classic vintage styles and modern new looks, slipping on your tailor-made strap shoes or comfy newborn leather crawling shoes is pure joy. Do you like a classic look Gazelle or a Samba? Choose from an array of baby blues and pinks or a multi-coloured Lego-inspired kick. Made for utmost comfort for small feet and reliable padding for days on the playground.


Learning to walk has never been this fun with the latest range of babies' and toddlers' shoes

Classic inspired '80s shoes for the tiny tots will bring a wide smile to your face. Stan Smiths, baby running shoes and training kicks, this versatile range has the perfect style to fit any baby. The cutesy range of Winnie The Pooh and Disney character Mickey Mouse will make any baby gurgle with delight. Toddlers will run to the shelves to choose their favourite shoes in their favourite colours. If you like the laced look rather than the strap, then choose from the already laced style that never needs to be tied.


Run to the playground with the perfect pair of adidas shoes

Whether they’re chasing around the school fields or spending the day at a friend's birthday party, the range of babies' and toddlers' shoes will have all your friends in awe. Wear the best high top basketball boots out for a day of hoop with your mates, or get everyone chuckling with Toy Story Woody styles. Even the adults will be side-eyeing this amazing range of designs. Being smaller doesn’t mean being less, and and adidas have brought their A game to this stylish and colourful range.

Baby and toddler shoes Frequently Asked Questions

All children develop at their own rate, but it’s best to get them shoes when they start to walk about. For many babies, this happens from around nine months-old onwards.
A size 1-2 shoe is generally suitable for six months-old babies. Shoes are by no means essential at this age though if they’re not yet walking.
Shoes for toddlers are important when they’re walking about as they protect their feet from hazards in the environment. It’s good to allow growing feet plenty of time without shoes too though, to give them a chance to breathe and develop naturally.