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Move it on up in adidas tops for men, women and children from our mammoth sporty collection. Continuing our dedication to uniting performance with stunning good looks, our huge range of tops delivers the ultimate combo of advanced fabric technology, comfortable fits and outstanding design. All adapted for your sport and style. Enjoy the freedom of sweat-wicking, lightweight fabrics against your skin or choose supple and snug compression fits that support your muscles during and after exercise. Oversized graphic tops embrace unisex urban style while fitted sleeveless tops are made for the gym, giving you the range of movement and coverage you need for overhead movements. Fashion fans will fall hard for our designer collaborations and their fresh, aesthetic silhouettes that delight and surprise. Don't wait – pick your fave today.
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Tops Frequently Asked Questions

For your first time at the gym you want to choose a top with features like sweat-wicking fabric in a style that gives you complete freedom of movement. If you like a second-skin feel a compression style will be a good choice, or go for a longer sleeveless style for wide movements and good coverage.
A top for exercising needs to be comfortable and adapted to the type of exercise you do. If you want to prevent overheating, choose one that’s breathable, lightweight and sweat wicking. If you’re training in the heat, look for a top with HEAT.RDY technology developed for exercising in high temperatures. The adidas site has lots of helpful filters to narrow your search to the perfect option for you.
Crewnecks and polos are popular in the range. Crewnecks go with everything and look good on almost anyone, while a poloshirt is a versatile piece that elevates ordinary into smart-casual.