Shoe Accessories


These shoe accessories can transform your cleats for all conditions

Shoes are important, and customizing them should be easy. The adidas shop accessories range has everything you need to put your best foot forward. To play your ‘A’ game, you’ll need quality studs for the appropriate conditions. Whether you have soft ground rugby boots that need long replacement studs or football cleats that needs to adapt to soft ground, the adidas shoe accessories have the right fit for your boot. Aluminum replacement studs will have you accelerating on the soccer field and taking on the defensive line during your rugby match. Whether you’re a top athlete looking for high-performing studs or a new player to the game, these studs are the right fit.

Choose the right studs for your cleats

If you’re having trouble accelerating during your games or practice, getting a new pair of studs could be the answer. The adidas shop accessories can outfit your cleats with lasting and light replacement studs that will have you maximizing your skills in no time. Be it rugby or football, there is a shoe accessory that can help you focus on the game. If you’re constantly swapping between sets of studs, don’t forget to keep a football stud key in your boot bag. And if aluminum doesn’t fit the bill, you’ll find ceramic football studs in the adidas shoe accessories as well. Don’t let the wrong studs get in the way of your practice. Choosing the right pair of studs depends on the pitch, your cleat, and your game. With various sizes, materials, and even colours, there is a right accessory for your boot. You can also customize your boot with these easily changeable studs. Make sure you narrow down what you need and click through the adidas shop accessories to find what you’re looking for.