MYSHELTER jackets offer insulated weather protection with a waterproof outer layer to keep you dry in all conditions. These coats are also lightweight, easy to transport, and ideal for outdoor wear.

MYSHELTER jackets for premium weather protection

Find a coat that can stand up to the elements with MYSHELTER from adidas. This range of MYSHELTER jackets features over-sized parka styles, puffer jackets, and anoraks, so you can choose a winter silhouette that’s perfect for you. Insulated yet breathable padding lets you feel wrapped up without overheating. Waterproof outer layers are specifically designed to channel water off the body, letting you stay dry even in heavy downpours. The MYSHELTER coats are specially engineered for outdoor protection, whether you’re taking on a tough hike or walking to work in the city.

Fashionable MYSHELTER coats for the trail or the commute

Discover MYSHELTER jackets that are perfect for hiking or for urban winter wear. Lightweight designs and relaxed fit styles mean that you’ll feel free to move, whether you’re rushing for a train or trekking up steep hills. The MYSHELTER coats are easy to transport and feature unique details, like built-in carry straps, so you can continue hands-free when the temperature rises. Fashion-forward designs also let these pieces work well in different settings. Perfect if you want to bundle up for your daily commute throughout the week then explore new trails at the weekend.

Celebrate nature with sustainable styles

Choose fashion that helps protect the natural world. These MYSHELTER coats are made using partially recycled materials to help reduce environmental impact. Soft, high-quality fabrics make for a comfortable and supportive fit when you’re on the move. Layer up with an adidas hoodie underneath your coat for a cosy, winter look. Or slip on a lightweight anorak with a pair of adidas leggings for a jog in the rain. Always check the care instructions before washing or tumble drying your jacket.