Men's Tennis Shoes


Let our men's tennis shoes unlock your potential for success

Success on the court, as in life, requires preparation, focus and determination. Our collection of men's tennis shoes has the potential to unlock all three, so you can achieve your goals. For example, our unique Adizero outsoles provide tremendous gripping power, so you're ready for action on hard court, clay and grass surfaces. Bounce, Boost and Lightstrike cushioning offers stability, comfort and support for concentrated movement and anticipation. Confidence in your ability to cover the court increases your resolve to attack and defend with power and precision. If you have the game to win, adidas tennis trainers can get you to the top.

Our men's tennis trainers conquer any court, street and floor

Whether you prefer the finesse of the serve and volley or power from the baseline, our tennis trainers provide you with the tools to improve your game. Mesh uppers provide increased airflow while Geofit Sensepods and Adituff caps activate responsive stability from heel to toe. Adizero outsoles offer non-abrasion profiles which provide tactile traction for striding on hard courts and resist clogging when sliding on grass and clay surfaces. You can also include adidas men's tennis shoes as part of your essential lifestyle footwear for conquering wet streets and slippery office floors.

Men's tennis footwear: play with passion on the court

To match the speed, size and strength of today's players, you need all the help you can get. Our men's tennis footwear offers the advantages of reduced weight, dramatically improved comfort and design capability to enhance your overall game. You may not win every match, but at least you'll have the confidence to produce your best stuff game in and game out. Play with passion and have fun on the court.

Men's Tennis Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

To maximize your on-court performance, try and wear tennis shoes with an outsole specific to the surface you’ll be playing on. Multicourt tennis shoes for men are a good option if you regularly play on different surfaces.
The Stan Smith shoe remains one of the most popular sneakers because of its subtle look that makes it easy to pair with any outfit. They are an extremely comfortable and durable classic.
Yes, you can wear hardcourt shoes on a clay court and vice-versa. If you plan to play on multiple surfaces, consider multicourt shoes.