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adidas equipment

Performing at your best in your chosen sport is all about nailing the finer details. This collection of adidas equipment gives you the tools to succeed and take your game to the next level. Get kitted out today and step on to the field with renewed confidence, knowing that nothing will be left to chance. Through strategic design and rigorous testing, the accessories are made to last, meaning you won’t have to keep changing what you use. Browse the range to discover what you’re looking for and realise your potential as soon as possible.

Load up with fresh apparatus

Whether you’re going to the yoga studio, hockey field, boxing gym or anywhere else, adidas equipment ensures you’ll be prepared. Once packed inside your sports bag you can head out the door and narrow your focus to the goals you want to hit. Yoga mats have your back and offer a cushioned surface that stays dry even when the sweat starts to pour. You can also take your poses to the next level with sturdy training blocks. Also featured in the range of equipment available are sleek hockey sticks made of glass fire and carbon. Lightweight and aerodynamic, they’ll give you the edge against the opposition.

Master home workouts

Sometimes there’s no need for a fancy setting and it’s easier to get active at home. Furnish your workout space with adidas equipment to take your sessions to the next level. Impact-absorbing boxing gloves let you unleash all the fury you have, while foam rollers help negate any niggles. Overhaul your personal studio so that you feel a buzz every time you start a session. adidas uses premium-quality materials to develop the equipment line and you’ll notice the performance results. These accessories are made to cater to everyone and many are one-size-fits-all. The designs showcase classy adidas prints that give a professional look.