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With boost technology to keep you moving and flexible uppers to keep you comfortable, you can stay on the go all day long, and it all comes packaged in classic ZX style.

ZX: keeping runners on track since the ‘80s

First launched in 1984, the series has always been geared toward runners, from beginners to pros. With a focus on comfort and performance-enhancing technologies to keep runners moving, the line has never sacrificed style, known for its bold colours and modern patterns. This combination of performance and aesthetics has made it a go-to choice for runners all over the world for decades. The adidas ZX line keeps pace with the industry so you can keep pace at your next race.

Cutting-edge technology makes all the difference with adidas ZX

Since its launch, the adidas ZX range has been at the forefront of our signature technologies, and the line continues to innovate. Choose an option with our popular Boost midsole, fusing energy capsules to bring you all-day comfort. TPU outsoles provide flexibility to let you move freely and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. And now your little ones can get the benefits, too, with a kids’ adidas ZX line available.

From the trails to the dance floor

Of course, these trainers aren't just for runners. Their superior comfort makes them perfect for all situations where you're putting pressure on your feet. Back in the ‘80s, they were adopted by club-goers looking for shoes that would let them dance all night. So, if you need a pair of shoes for your next night out or three-day music festival, the ZX line has a pair for you. Choose a shoe that provides the comfort of adidas innovation and the style of our iconic look, inspired by the combination of culture and technology.