Women's Basketball Shoes

Women’s basketball shoes offer the chance to take advantage of their flexibility and comfort to push your game to new and exciting levels. Regardless of what you like, we’ll have it for you.
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Women’s basketball shoes for greater response and movement

Thanks to the wide variety of women’s basketball shoes available through adidas, you’ll find a combination of insoles and outsoles that suit your game beautifully. Shoes that help overpronation and shoes suited to supination are all thrown in the mix, coupled with advanced technology such as Lightstrike and Bounce cushioning and various patterns for traction. The combination of all of these factors gives you a shoe designed to offer uncompromising movement and comfort on and off the court. For those that want extra ankle support, you’ll find a variety of high-tops ranging from modern designs to 70s-style kicks that incorporate the same technologies, along with the added benefit of more padding around your ankles.

Women’s basketball footwear to cover all surfaces

Whether you’re hooping on the hardwood floors or kicking it in the streets, the adidas range of women’s basketball footwear has been created with your game in mind. On the streets, you’ll opt for sturdier women’s basketball shoes with durable outer soles that are thicker than others. On the hardwood, have a look at the shoes with lighter soles and thicker traction patterns. All of the adidas shoes offer the same level of support and make use of responsive cushioning, so you get more out of every step.

Engineering that’s ideal

The reason adidas is a trusted brand is that it’s committed itself to providing the best quality products that are both fashionable and functional, with advanced technology that ensures uncompromising performance. To ensure your shoes protect you for longer, you’ll need to look after them properly. Wipe them down after every game or practice and avoid leaving them in the sun for too long when drying. Steer clear of dryer cycles and remove the laces before washing them.