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Basketball Accessories & Equipment

From casual players to serious competitors, we have all the right basketball accessories to enhance your game and support your training regime – from towels to kit bags to official game balls.

Enhance your training and game, with basketball accessories

We can look after all your needs when it comes to basketball accessories. You'll find virtually everything you need to train for the sport here, along with plenty of match-day extras to help you bring out your best game. Our basketball bags are particularly useful. They come in different sizes, depending on your needs – you can get full duffel or trolley bags or keep your valuables secure in a firmly secured shoulder bag or waist bag.

Accessories for basketball for protection and support while you play

For outdoor pick-up games in your neighbourhood, protect your head and face from the sun with one of our most popular accessories for basketball: a peaked cap with built-in UPF 50 protection. We also have steel water bottles that both avoid the use of harmful plastics and also keep your drinks ice cold. Keep yourself cool and dry with other basketball accessories, like small or large towels, made from durable and quick-drying 100% cotton fabric. Other really useful basketball accessories include full-size basketballs and smaller rubber ones for skills training.

Looking after your basketball kit

All of our basketball accessories are made from the most modern materials that not only withstand wear and tear – they're also very easy to look after. The rule of thumb for all of them is to keep it simple. You need nothing more than a cold or warm machine wash, followed by a light touch-up on the ironing board. Use a mild detergent and don't add any fabric softener. Some accessories like bags and caps can simply be hand cleaned with a damp cloth and should preferably not get a machine wash.