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Basketball Clothing

We'll prepare you from top to toe, in basketball clothing made from advanced fabrics to keep you firing on the court and streetwear designs for looking cool once the game is over.
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Basketball clothing for players and fans alike

Whether you are a casual dabbler, a dedicated player or just like to strut the latest casualwear trends on the street, our basketball clothing range will have you performing and feeling at your best. We have everything you need to practise and train in, as well as game-ready kit that you can play in. No matter your level, you will appreciate all the advanced adidas technology we put into keeping you cool and fresh, so you can keep pushing yourself. We offer everything from T-shirts to warm fleecy hoodies, along with on-court gear and all the training kit you could wish for.

Basketball clothes to bring out your best on court

Our basketball clothes are ready to take on all challenges you will face on the court. Our tops and shorts are made from tear-resistant, polyester double-knit, rip-stop fabrics. These are created to control and direct airflow around your body, to keep you cool. This material also has sweat-wicking properties to promote fast evaporation and prevent you from feeling stuffy, no matter how hard you're driving yourself in a training session or practice game. The designs of all our basketball clothing have benefited from many years of working with top-level professionals and are now accessible to you.

Playing the game and looking good afterwards

Our basketball clothing is just as sought-after off the court. Our sleeveless tops and baggy pants make great streetwear, to keep you looking at the leading edge of urban sports fashion. You can get trendy oversized hoodies, versatile track pants and plenty of T-shirts and sweatshirts. Many of these are inspired by basketball stars, giving them an extra cool edge.