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Swimming · Clothing

Dive into the pool with confidence and style with adidas swimming clothing and apparel. Designed for swimmers of all levels, our swimming clothing and apparel collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and advanced technology to enhance your performance in the water. From sleek swimsuits to comfortable swim trunks, our swimming clothing and apparel offers the perfect fit and freedom of movement for every stroke. Engineered with chlorine-resistant fabrics and quick-drying properties, adidas swimming clothing and apparel ensure durability and comfort, allowing you to focus on your technique and speed. With their innovative designs and eye-catching styles, our swimming clothing and apparel not only deliver optimal performance, but also make a bold fashion statement at the poolside. Elevate your swimming experience and make a splash with adidas swimming clothing and apparel, the ultimate choice for swimmers seeking exceptional quality and style.
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adidas Swim Products and Apparel

Developed with athletes, for athletes; adidas have designed a swimwear collection to fit the needs of all kinds of male and female swimmers. Whatever kind of pool you dive into, we have the right apparel and accessories for you; from swimming costumes, swimsuits and swim bikinis, to swim boxers, swim shorts, swim jammers and swim trunks.

Choosing the right swimwear for you

Swimming is one of the most universal, all-round forms of exercise. Whatever your age or athletic ability, swimming improves heart health, cardio-fitness, endurance and strength. Whether you swim to win, for fun or fitness, adidas have the gear you need.

High-performance swimming

When speed is of the essence, adidas offer a wide range performance training and competition swimwear for record-seeking athletes, with outstanding technical benefits:

  • Long-lasting, 100% chlorine resistant materials
  • Compression fit that offers total freedom of movement
  • Flatlook seams and water dynamic silhouettes to reduce drag and enhance gliding

Performance oriented swimmers can look like champs in swimwear designs as seen at world championships and those worn by successful swimmers like Kyle Charmers, Marco Koch, Michael Andrews, Madison Wilson and Coralie Balmy.

Swim to train

adidas use knowledge gathered through years of experience in competitive swimming and fitness training to develop swim apparel to fit the training needs of swimmers at all levels. High durability is combined with great design, from the classic three stripes to trend oriented pieces, all suitable for swimming pools, open water and beyond.

Beach swimming

The adidas beach range offers apparel for sun seeking beach lovers planning long days beside the beach, lake or sea. Stylish and perfect for swimming, the beach collection is also designed to offer support for seaside sports like beach volleyball and beach soccer.