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adidas Sportswear


Be you, be comfortable

Comfort isn’t just something you feel on the outside, it’s something deep within, a state of mind that helps you unlock your true self and creativity. Only you can find that level of comfort and authenticity within yourself – but adidas' Sportswear collection can support you on your journey. Our unique, vibrant athleisure range is designed to fit comfortably whilst also being effortlessly stylish. Choose from a wide selection of men’s and women's activewear.

Live life your way with adidas Sportswear

Our athleisurewear range is rooted in the sports-style looks that make adidas legendary around the world, but it’s intended for everyday living. Whether you’re studying, chilling out with your friends or heading into town, adidas’ Sportswear range is designed to keep you grounded. Clothes that are as comfortable when you’re moving as when you’re sitting down – activewear that’s designed for active lifestyles, wherever you go and whoever you’re with. You’ll find athleisure staples like sporty hoodies, trendy tracksuits and more in adidas’ Sportswear collection. Set your own pace and live life your way.

Find your inner power

Comfort comes from being you, 100%, unapologetically and unreservedly. adidas’ athleisure fashion and activewear range comes in a wide spectrum of sizes for men and women, so you can be as comfortable in your skin as you are in your clothes. Comfort isn’t just about finding sportswear that’s the right size though, it’s also about finding your style and wearing your truth on your sleeves. The Sportswear range consists of many different styles that take inspiration from adidas’ sports heritage, but look boldly towards the future. Get the next generation of athleisure, infused with sports DNA and built for active modern lifestyles.