Golf clothing for kids


We have great quality in our golf clothing for kids, with cutting-edge scientific research behind every product we make. We provide awesome comfort, durability and style to all of our kids' golf clothes.

Get adidas golf clothes for kids of any age

Getting your kids into sports at an early age is so important, which is why we offer a diverse range of golf clothes for kids, so there are no barriers to them having fun. We understand how important it is for kids to feel comfortable when they play golf; otherwise, they can have a negative experience that might impact how they feel about the game. Our cotton and polyester blends are made to be easy on the skin while still being durable for an active child.

Golf can be fun, but we can also help them try their best

Helping your kids improve at golf can really help make the game more fun for them. If kids feel more comfortable on the green by looking the part, they can really focus on playing to the best of their ability. Our clothes will help keep your kids cool in the heat and protect their skin from the sun, while also maintaining environmentally sustainable practices through our use of recycled materials.

Keep your golf clothing for your kids clean

To get the most out of the golf clothing you buy for your kids, make sure you wash them in cold water. Most sportswear has unique polyester blends that warp in warm temperatures, making warm or hot washes unsuitable. Also, make sure you aren’t overloading your wash, as the friction with your other clothes can cause undue wear on your golf clothing for kids. In addition, make sure you don’t tumble dry these items, as that again can create damaging heat and friction that could ruin the clothes.