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Our incredible collection of hockey shoes will have you field ready in no time at all. With an impressive range of options including lightweight breathable fabric, water resistance and extra grip that will help you keep your feet where they land when you are going for your goal. With classic adidas 3-Stripes detailing you can be sure of the quality. Designed with performance-enhancing technology our hockey trainers will take your game to the next level and show your opponents you mean business. For the ultimate in comfort, our shoes for hockey offer extra innersole cushioning for those long days on the field. For everything you need to beat the competition, our adidas outstanding collection of hockey trainers have got you covered.

Field Hockey Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Hockey trainers can be called “cleats". They are most commonly known for their presence on football boots, but they are also vital to your agility, speed and precision for field hockey. The cleats improve your grip on the unstable muddy surface underfoot as they are slightly raised studs.
All shoes for field hockey are designed for shock absorption and offer the stability and cushioning that modern field hockey players need.
Field hockey can be played on either natural grass, turf or on an indoor surface. It is best to choose your hockey shoes based on which surface you will be playing most on. For both grass and turf, a cleated shoe (non-metal) is advisable.