Base layers & Thermal Clothing

Block out the cold in one of our comfortable base and thermal layers. Featuring superior fabric technologies and no-nonsense stylish designs, you'll soon settle into the colder weather with no trouble.
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Thermal clothing & base layers for ultimate protection from the cold

Stay warm and cosy when winter hits and the temperature drops outside with this selection of base layers by adidas. Choose from thermal and regular leggings which include a variety of lengths, including full length, ¾, and shorts, and complete your base outfit with a top, choosing between short and long sleeved shirts, with styles available for both men and women. Base layers come in a few different fits and you’ll be able to pick the one most appropriate for you, choosing between a tight fit which fits like a second skin, medium support which offers light compression, or a compression fit which offers optimal support to your muscles.

Special technologies to keep you warm

The adidas selection of thermal clothing, winter tops, warm leggings & base layers has been designed to include special technologies that can keep you warm and active even on the coldest days. These include the use of a special insulating fabric which is characterised by its fibers that have been woven closely together, giving it the ability to trap body heat and keep you naturally warm. In addition, material with a sweat wicking ability will keep you dry while the inclusion of mesh panels will add breathability, and for an extra feeling of freshness, Polygiene technology is incorporated into fabric to give adidas base layers anti-odour properties.

Designed for comfort and extra protection

In addition to keeping you warm, base layers by adidas will keep you protected from the inside and out. The use of flatlock stitching will give a seamless design which helps reduce chafing and increase your comfort, while a shaped hem will give added stability to winter tops. And for protection from the harmful, winter sun’s rays, choose a style equipped with UV protection to ensure safety for your skin.

Base layers & Thermal Clothing Frequently Asked Questions

Your adidas base layer is cold-weather clothing made to be worn next to your skin to block out the cold and to keep you comfortable and dry. While insulation keeps warmth in, modern sweat-wicking fabrics sweep away moisture from your skin.
Most adidas base layers and thermals are similar in that they are to be worn next to the skin in cold weather to keep you warm. However, thermals have more of an emphasis on warmth, while base layers may focus more on their moisture-wicking technologies.
adidas base layers are cut to fit close to the skin to trap a layer of warm air and keep you cosy. They come in regular, slim and compression fits. Choose your normal adidas sizing when buying, there’s no need to buy small. For extra muscle support choose a compression fit.