Yoga Bags

Flow into your yoga practise with yoga bags that are designed for training. With large main compartments, there’s plenty of room for gear, like your towel, blocks and bands. Plus, zip and slip-in pockets hold small essentials, like your keys, phone and hair ties, so they’re within easy reach. Yoga bags with padded handles and adjustable shoulder straps deliver comfort when you’re on your way to class. Mesh panels provide breathability when you’re on the move. Choose yoga bags with ventilated compartments to hold wet clothes or your outdoor shoes during or after practise. Don’t forget your water bottle – some bags have a pocket for that, too. Place your mat inside or strap it to your yoga bag, and you’re ready to perfect your asanas.


Head into yoga practice knowing you have all the necessary gear in one handy place. adidas yoga bags come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, from collections such as Performance and adidas by Stella McCartney. Duffel bags are the classic-style gym bag and typically come with two short straps and one longer one, backpacks and gym sacks are easy and convenient to travel with, while tote bags and studio bags are versatile and can double up as everyday bags. In addition, some of these duffel and tote bag styles are convertible into backpacks, offering you two yoga bags in one.

It’s all in the details

No matter what style of bag you choose, you will find various details in these adidas designs that increase both the functionality and quality of your yoga bag. Breathable mesh textiles ensure breathability so you can avoid the problem of unwanted odours, while coating the fabric with a TPE base ensures maximum durability. Shoulder straps can be adjustable for a better fit, and in some cases can be converted for versatile ways to carry your yoga bag, with padding added for increased comfort.

Storage is key

When it comes to storing your gear, adidas yoga bags offer a large number of pockets to ensure maximum organisation. An internal compartment to separate wet from dry items is essential for storing gear after an intense training session, while a ventilated compartment for storing your shoes keeps them separated from the rest of your items. Internal pockets and organisers allow you to store a few essential items, usually available in either a slip-in version or with a zip for security. And if you plan on using your bag as an everyday travel bag as well, a yoga bag with an internal compartment for laptop storage will come in handy.

Our yoga bags are almost too good-looking for the gym. Invest in one and we guarantee it won’t be long before it’ll be utterly indispensable. Stella McCartney infuses luxe seamlessly with practical features making the whole issue of organising yourself for yoga and the gym a dream rather than a chore. Our own brand adidas kit bags bring versatile, durable style to power you to the gym and back.

Style it out

Available in a variety of styles, our yoga bags range from the traditional kit bag to duffel bags, shoulder bags and ruck sacks. adidas yoga bags certainly look fantastic; with playful features like Stella’s trademark leopard print fabric on the interiors and zip tape, constructed in chic, patent and matte material. Crafted in beautiful colours that complement our other yoga accessories, your yoga bag punctuates your whole look beautifully. But don’t be fooled by their outwardly chic appearance, they stand up in terms of great practical features too.

A place for everything

Trust us, you can throw your life at your adidas yoga bag and it’ll handle it. Side pockets to slip stuff into, zip interior pockets for car keys and small items, compartments for your wallet and even a padded compartment for your laptop for those going to the gym on the way to or from work. There are separate compartments and detachable bags for used kit and shoes. Ruck sack styles and duffel bags that double as ruck sacks are perfect if you commute or cycle. Pick a small, medium or large yoga bag to suit your gym needs. Detachable shoulder straps and loop handles give you a choice over how you carry your yoga bag comfortably.

adidas brand kit bags feature breathable mesh fabric bags, and come with proud Badge of Sport branding alongside a sturdy polyester construction in chic black or grey with clean line detailing.