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How adidas helps the planet

All the shoes in this range, including our weight training trainers, powerlifting shoes and weight training shoes, are produced with sustainability in mind and are made from Primegreen recycled materials. Foot-hugging and reinforced heels allow you to take your mind off of your shoes and onto your lift, while a combination of laces and straps keeps you solidly grounded on the mat. Check out the Adipower options for the sought after mid strap design, adding pressure to your foot in just the right places to promise evenly distributed balance. Woven canvas fabrics allow for natural movement for those big lifts.

Your shoes and your body

Lifting shoes for women are an essential accessory when weightlifting and powerlifting, during training at the gym or on the stage. The type of shoes you pick will have biomechanical and kinematic impacts on your body. The perfect shoe for you will help you perform a sturdier squat resulting in a perfect lift. The adidas range of lifting shoes for women boasts a narrow fit that will support the natural shape of your foot and lock you in place while you exert maximum power, while still maintaining flexible movement in the forefoot design. Sleek woven uppers allow for air to flow through the shoe, letting your foot breathe and stay dry in those high-pressure moments.

How to support the shoes that support you

Weight lifting shoes for women are necessary and popular because they allow you to avoid injury while lifting weights. Your shoes are a vital part of your overall performance and overall health, so choose wisely. After long hours at the gym, you will need to clean your shoes. We recommend that you air them out regularly. You can also put them in the washing machine on a cold wash, when needed.