Biking jackets for men


Hit the road, with the adidas range of biking jackets for men. Whether you're a fair-weather cyclist or a hardcore biker, choose from a large selection of men's cycling jackets.

adidas biking jackets for men - handle all weathers

If you’re cycling in all weathers, then you need the right gear to push comfortably through your ride. The adidas range of cycling jackets for men has everything you need to see you through, whether you’re a hardcore pedal-pusher or just beginning to dip your toe in. Biking jackets need to be both warm and capable of resisting the elements, as well as being comfortable and delivering great ease of movement. The adidas range covers all this, whilst also being highly fashionable and iconic into the bargain.

Performance cycling jackets for men

The perfect men’s cycling jacket should be warm, whilst also allowing the skin to breathe during periods of heavy exertion. If you’re likely to be out in all conditions and need something versatile, a hybrid cycling jacket with plenty of padding might be the right choice for you. If, on the other hand, you’re going to be cycling in moderate conditions for either commuting or leisure cycling, a lightweight cycling jacket such as windbreaker could be the ideal fit. A waterproof cycling jacket for men, meanwhile, can save many a rainy ride from disaster.

Wear the 3-Stripes with pride

If you’re an athlete through and through, adidas biking jackets for men are a great badge of honour. Featuring the iconic 3-Stripes and trefoil motifs, our range is available in many different colours and sizes. Whether you’re cycling the city streets to work, through country lanes or down exhilarating mountain trails, adidas cycling jackets will support you with every spin of the pedal.