Womens Cycling Gear


Cycling isn’t meant to be easy, but the adidas collection of cycling gear for women ensures that it can be as comfortable as possible.

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Whether you’re riding solo or competing in a race, your only true competitor in cycling is yourself. That’s why you can’t afford for your equipment to let you down, and why the adidas range of cycling gear for women has been designed to support and enhance every type of rider. From jerseys and tops to shorts and footwear, you’ll find everything you need to allow you to break new records on the saddle. With adidas cycling gear, you simply have no excuse to be anything other than your very best.


adidas womens cycling shorts offer the latest technologies when it comes to the designs and textiles used to create them. FORMOTION® technology follows your movements regardless of the sport you’re practicing, and adapts to your body to ensure an optimum fit and the highest levels of comfort as you move. Interface® X-Tract is an elastic microfibre which is used in the creation of the soft and supportive seat pad, with dual density characteristics for durable comfort throughout up to six hours of riding. In addition, the padding on all our womens bike shorts uses women-specific textiles and ensures the best possible fit for a lasting performance. As for the fabric, MITI Zaffiro Interpower is one of the textiles used to offer extra support, and might include seams that are placed strategically to reduce the resistance of the wind you encounter as you cycle.