Biking jackets


An adidas biking jacket will ensure that you'll never be caught out by the weather when you hit the road. Choose from rain cycling jackets, waterproof cycling jackets and more.

Women Cycling Pink The COLD.RDY Trackstand Cycling JacketWomen Cycling Pink The COLD.RDY Trackstand Cycling Jacket

The COLD.RDY Trackstand Cycling Jacket

Women Cycling

Women Cycling Black The Trackstand Cycling Track TopWomen Cycling Black The Trackstand Cycling Track Top

The Trackstand Cycling Track Top

Women Cycling

A biking jacket for all seasons

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist touring the country and taking part in sportive events, an occasional cyclist, or a two-wheeled commuter — a biking jacket is an essential part of your cycling wardrobe. adidas has a great range to choose from, including stylish windbreaker lightweight cycling jackets, padded hybrid cycling jackets, waterproof cycling jackets, and reflective cycling jackets. Choose from a wide spectrum of sizes for men and women.

Find the right biking jacket for you

The kind of cycling jacket that will suit you best doesn’t just come down to style, it’s also important to consider the type of cycling you do and the kinds of weather you’re likely to encounter on your ride. If it’s early autumn, and you just want something to stop the worst of the chills, adidas sleeveless cycling vests will be the perfect fit. Our range of wind-resistant windbreaker cycling jackets is an ideal addition to any cycling wardrobe, featuring good protection against the elements, as well as plenty of handy zip pockets. The adidas line of cycling rain jackets is perfect for keeping you dry, whether you’re biking the city streets or high up in the mountains.

Packed with features

Not all biking jackets are created equal, and adidas cycling jackets have a whole host of features designed to make your ride more comfortable and more enjoyable. Adjustable hoods and secure zips help to keep out the elements, breathable mesh back panels help to keep you dry, while some lightweight designs can even be folded up and stored in a pocket until needed.