Cycling jerseys


Find your perfect adidas cycling jersey, whether you're competing in a sportive or enjoying a leisurely Sunday cycle. Choose from the latest styles or retro cycling jerseys.

Cycling jerseys for all your bike rides

The right clothing is an essential part of any serious cyclist's armoury. While for some it may be important to ‘look the part’, the most important thing is that your cycling gear supports you and keeps you comfortable no matter how long your cycle. The right cycling jersey is an important part of your functional cycling wardrobe, and adidas have a wide range to choose from for men and women in all sizes.

Your ticket to ride

A good cycling jersey needs to do several things for you. Firstly, it needs to be sufficiently figure-fitting, so it does not flap and cause chafing, and it also needs to allow the skin to breathe – something that’s particularly important on a long hot summer cycle (but no less important the rest of the time!). And if it looks great on you too, then that’s an obvious bonus — so all adidas cycling jerseys are made with both functionality and flair in mind.

Find your favourite jersey

The adidas range of cycling jerseys has a lot of different looks to choose from — find one to suit your riding style! Choose from retro cycling jerseys that are a cool nod to cycling’s golden past, mountain biking jerseys that are perfect for flying down hills through forest and rock, and stylish graphic cycling jerseys that will make you really stand out at the sportive event or local cycle meet. A full range of sizes is available for both men and women, so you can find the cycling jerseys that best suit you and your own inimitable riding style.