Sports Bras · High Support



Power through every lift, dominate every circuit and get the support you need for intense workouts with adidas' range of high impact sports bras. Carefully crafted to provide maximum support with a lock down fit and feel these sports bras help keep you focused on your workout, without the need to constantly readjust.

Super supportive

Our sports bras provide encapsulation and high compression to reduce bounce and slip during high impact activities, including running and exercise. The fabric blend of nylon and elastane provides a comfortable compression webbing that separates and supports you whilst the power mesh inside provides ventilated reinforcement. Choose between padded and unpadded designs with adjustable straps and soft exposed elastic hem bands designed to reduce the risk of slips. Sweat-wicking fabrics help draw moisture away from your body to keep you cool while you train.

Simple sizing

Perfect sizing ensures a comfortable fit that won’t slip, which is why we offer sports bras in a complete range of sizes from 2xs to 2xl matching bra sizes 30 to 44. A high impact sports bra should fit close to the body with a snug fit around your rib cage, if you can fit two fingers between the bra and your ribs that’s the sign of a great fit, any more and you need a smaller size. Choose from racerback, y back and full support designs for additional comfort and easy slip-on support.

However hard you train, whether you are pushing out the reps or hitting the trails, our high impact sports bras are here to support you every step of the way. Available in a wide range of colours, stunning graphic designs and classic adidas logos, finding your training partner is a breeze.