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Climbing outfits to push you towards the summit

adidas climbing shoes & climbing clothing are dependable and comfortable companions of adventure seekers around the globe. But, whether it’s in town, up a mountain or on the park boulder, you want a pair of high-performance climbing shoes to fit in with your own style. Available in a range of colours including simple brown, easy coral and raw desert, adidas have the right climbing shoes to finish off your look.

Climbing footwear that stands up to the terrain

adidas knows that climbing is much more than just the time spent on the rock. Since more of your time is spent reaching the mountain than on it, you need a climbing boot that's robust enough to carry you through rugged terrains. adidas climbing shoes for men and women include soft midsoles and suede leather uppers which give you maximum comfort throughout long days in the outdoors. Tough rubber outsoles remain firm on wet or dry ground and offer incredible traction when edging and smearing. No matter your destination, adidas climbing shoes and boots give you a low-volume fit with a combination of sensitivity and power for versatile climbing.

Choose high-performance climbing clothing to suit your style

Go anywhere your legs can take you with the adidas range of climbing shoes and boots. Practical, durable, and lightweight, these outdoor shoes are built to keep you moving. Combining toughness, grip, and flexibility, our outdoor boots feature strong rubber outsoles which give you the grasp needed to push you on towards the summit. Equal parts climbing shoe and casual trainer, adidas joins performance and style to help carry you from town to the boulder and back. To ensure the right fit, our outdoor shoes slip on neatly while the sock-like construction embraces the foot for complete comfort throughout the day.