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Ultraboost 20 features a new and advanced Primeknit upper with Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP) technology: The technique lays down fibers to the millimeter, resulting in a high-performance, lightweight upper. Precisely placed to give you support in the places you need it most.
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Take your run to the next level while enhancing that feeling of comfort with the innovative Ultraboost. These performance-optimised neutral running shoes enable dynamic movement, smooth transitions and a responsive fit for a uniquely supportive feeling. Whether your pace is fast and furious or made for the long game, the adidas Ultraboost provides the ultimate running experience.

However you run, feel good

We all run in different ways: in the gym, through the park, on bustling urban streets. Maybe you're training hard for a marathon or jogging with friends. However you run, you should feel good every time. The Ultraboost has been expertly engineered to provide natural yet enhanced movement, responding to the changes in your feet to return energy and offer unparalleled comfort. From the precise fit of the Primeknit upper to the supreme traction offered by a Continental Rubber™ outsole, the adidas Ultraboost will see you through.

Featuring the innovative Boost™ cushioning system, the Ultraboost is a lightweight yet incredibly supportive running shoe that responds dynamically to your movement. Thanks to this cutting-edge foam cushioning, the more energy you give, the more you get back – and the more enhanced your run will become. Beneath the Boost™ is a trinity of supportive features; the stabilising Torsion® System for a smooth landing and push-off; Continental Rubber™ for powerful performance and all-weather traction, providing reliable grip on all terrains; and a Stretchweb outsole that flexes naturally as your foot moves through your pace.

With all that energy coursing through the soles of your feet, their tops certainly need some support and protection too. Ultraboost’s precision fit is enabled by a stretchy Primeknit upper, which moulds to the contours of your feet for increased agility and snug comfort. Ultra-lightweight and breathable, adidas Ultraboost is the ultimate expression of pure running technology and innovation. Responsive, reliable and dynamic, this is the superior running experience.

It’s a fact that no matter how strong you are, everyone needs support. The Ultraboost has your run taken care of.