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Beavis & Butthead

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Celebrate the Cult Classic Beavis & Butthead with Your Sneakers

Beavis & Butthead may be over two decades old, but nostalgic appeal remains; perfect your laidback look with a Beavis & Butthead T-shirt, polo shirt or skateboarding sneakers. The black canvas uppers of 3MC sneakers feature multi-coloured, eye-catching cartoon motifs that take you back to the 90's. White Geoflex outsoles grip the pavement and the 3-Stripe logo reminds you of the quality of the adidas range.

More than just kicks... we're talking cutting-edge sneaker tech

What's so special about the technology of the 3MC sneakers? And why are they so ideal for skating? The Geoflex Protection System is next-generation lightweight material that allows multi-directional flexibility. Designed to conform to complex surfaces, the adidas Geoflex technology gives the 3MC a skateboard-friendly sole. Superior comfort, flexibility and versatility sets the 3MC apart as a skating shoe, providing a relaxed fit which cushions the foot and provides support. While the slip- resistant sole makes it great for a day on the board, superior comfort, flexibility and versatility mean it doubles as a weekender or everyday sneaker that moves with your foot.

The sneaker features a lace up, low top and standard width to ensure freedom for the foot while the grip gives the wearer good board feel. The shoe echoes the fun, devil-may-care attitude of Beavis and the frivilous comedy stylings of Butthead so you can get on your board and fly. Sneakers can be worn by ladies or men, (but size down by 1.5 for the ladies). Beavis and Butthead may have revolutionised MTV comedy in the 90's but adidas sneakers are a 21st century revolution.

Skater boys will love the fun and comedic aspect of the 3MC, while the comfort of the shoe makes it infinitely wearable, both on and off the board. And to complete the zany look, add Beavis & Butthead T-shirts and polo shirts to wear with your jeans and shorts: they both feature the classic 3-Stripe logo, so they're adidas to the core and blended with Burger World or other iconic B & B motifs.